CECOM's Equal Opportunity Advisor recognized as Army's best in 2011

By Ms Andricka Thomas (CECOM)April 26, 2012

CECOM's Equal Opportunity Advisor recognized as Army's best in 2011
Master Sgt. Tracey Marshall receives EO Award from the Honorable Dr. Joseph W. Westphal, Under Secretary of the U.S. Army. in a ceremony held at the Pentagon main auditorium, April 24, 2012, for work done while mobilized as an Army Reserve Soldier in... (Photo Credit: U.S. Army) VIEW ORIGINAL

The Under Secretary of the Army honored U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command's Equal Employment Program Manager, Tracy Marshall, for being named the Army's 2011 Equal Opportunity Advisor of the Year for her work while serving as an Army Reserve master sergeant mobilized to support U.S. Army Central Command.

She was selected for the Secretary of the Army Diversity and Leadership Award (Equal Opportunity Advisor) for fiscal year 2011.

"This is a significant achievement and is truly a testament to Tracy's hard work and dedication," said Neslie Etheridge, director CECOM Equal Employment Opportunity Office. "I congratulate Tracy for doing a great job in supporting our Soldiers. We are glad to have here at CECOM."

Marshall now works for CECOM in their EO Office, after completing her third combat tour, one of which was in Afghanistan. This is her first assignment as an Army civilian where she is responsible for serving 67 CECOM Soldiers scattered throughout the globe. Her first and foremost priority, as she explains, is to ensure Soldiers are treated with dignity and respect.

"My role is to provide training and guidance to Soldiers and leaders on EO matters and assist commanders in solving issues," said Marshall. She focuses on assisting commanders in resolving issues at the lowest level possible. This Bronze Star recipient, along with Team Aberdeen Proving Ground, plans ethnic observances and special emphasis training programs and educational and awareness programs for CECOM and the Aberdeen Proving Ground when appropriate.

Marshall's experience as an equal opportunity advisor while on active duty serves her well as she navigates and resolves various EEO issues and assists in enhancing the CECOM EO program.

During her time at 1st Sustainment (Theater) Command, she took the initiative to coach, mentor, and trained thirteen newly assigned Department of Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute, DEOMI, graduates who were arriving in Kuwait, Qatar, Task Force Sinai, Iraq and Afghanistan, according to her former commander.

"Marshall demonstrated rare qualities found in a senior noncommissioned officer," said Lt. Gen. Vincent Brooks, commander, Third Army/United States Army Central. "She selflessly gave of her time to coach, mentor and train thirteen EOAs, instilling confidence in them which resulted in improved performance in their programs."

She created and implemented a Quality of Life Survey at the request of the two-star general which resulted in the improvement of more than 11,000 Soldiers' and Family members lives.

"Her [Marshall] ability to adapt to harsh environments while staying mission-focused is indicative of the fiber that makes an outstanding NCO [noncommissioned officer]," said Maj. Gen. Kenneth S. Dowd, commander, 1st Theater Sustainment Command, in October of 2011.

She is described as a "consummate professional who has demonstrated the ability to bring about change," said Brooks.

Having come highly recommended, Marshall was awarded the 2011 Equal Opportunity Advisor of the Year.

"Her multicultural sensitivity and awareness, meshed with solid integrity and character, makes her an absolute must for selection as an EOA of the year," said Dowd.