FORT JACKSON, S.C. -- Fort Jackson was one of four recipients recognized April 19, for its participation in the South Carolina Smart Business Recycling program sponsored by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control.

The installation earned approximately $2 million in 2011 from its recycling program. This program is a partnership between the DHEC and its various centers to provide non-regulatory assistance to businesses and organizations looking to start or expand waste reduction and recycling programs in South Carolina.

Brig. Gen. Bryan Roberts, Fort Jackson commanding general, accepted the award on behalf of the installation and the post's Environmental Division.

"I stand proud to accept this award as the 45th commander of Fort Jackson on behalf of the previous Fort Jackson commanders, the Recycling Program personnel and the community," Roberts said. "It's great to have people who care and are committed to what we are doing to make our base a green base."

In the previous fiscal year, Fort Jackson saved approximately $180,000 in avoided disposal costs. The installation also recycled or reused about 95 percent of the construction and demolition debris generated from two major projects on post.

"This makes us feel really good to receive this award. It makes everyone aware of what Fort Jackson is doing," said Ernest Dicks, Quality Recycling Program manager.

Last year, Fort Jackson recycled 6,277 tons of materials and 10,287 tons of landfill waste under the recycling initiative in place.

"I see about 85 percent of Fort Jackson and the community recycling regularly," Dicks said.

During the award ceremony, Catherine Templeton, DHEC director, said the agency works hard to promote responsible environmental stewardship and greatly values recycling efforts made by citizens.

"Each year, we see more outstanding examples of those who strive to 'reduce, reuse and recycle,'" Templeton said. "One of these examples is Fort Jackson, and we are delighted to present this historic institution of military excellence a 2012 DHEC Smart Business Recycling Award."

Stephanie Gillian, Solid Waste Program manager at Fort Jackson, explained that the goal is to achieve zero waste in and around the Fort Jackson community. Revenue received from recycling efforts on post are redistributed back in to organizations and units on post in an effort to help maintain recycling programs.

Gillian said that it is required for all post organizations to recycle and that she encourages everyone to participate in the effort to keep the post green.