SACRAMENTO -- Capitol Recruiting Co. provided extra motivation for their Future Soldier pool at a Feb. 11, 2012, mega event by offering a chance to participate in the Sacramento Kings Military Night and the bragging rights that come with being the first place team.

Station Commanders and Noncommissioned Officers from Capitol Company's seven stations teamed up with 10 Army Reserve Drill Sergeants to make this Future Soldier Training Program (FSTP) event much more than just a basic training readiness event. The Future Soldiers were put into teams by ship date instead of by recruiting station. "This allowed the Future Soldiers to interact with other station Future Soldiers as well as being able to bond with those battle buddies they will ship with when heading to basic training," said Capitol Co. Commander Capt. Jamie Grymes.

Competition revolved around a nine station obstacle course which included the 3-5 second buddy rush, push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, bear crawl, crab walk, hand grenade toss, a sprint, and litter carry relay. The Drill Sergeants provided training on correctly throwing a hand grenade and the 3-5 second buddy rush prior to the team competition. "The competition really motivated the Future Soldiers during the event, and the following weeks," Grymes said. "It was a break in their training routine."

Future Soldier Jose Tapia-Ramirez said the FSTP challenged him both physically and mentally. "I have learned my true capabilities through fun and challenging activities," he said. "I got to interact with real Drill Sergeants and simulate grenade throwing. I now know what is expected and I feel I am prepared for basic training."

Grymes said that the Future Soldiers were expecting a physically challenging event, but most were caught off guard at just how rigorous it turned out to be. He added that the challenge proved to be very motivating.

"I really liked how the NCOs trained with us, not just telling us how to do it," said Future Soldier Anias Logan.

"I liked the competitions and the way team-building is encouraged." Future Soldier Cody Matsumoto said, echoing Logan's sentiment. "I really liked the teamwork and the way the NCOs incorporated the Warrior Ethos during PT (physical training)."

Rancho Cordova Army Career Center Noncommissioned Officer Sgt. Adam Montgomery organized the competition, and Station Commander Staff Sgt. Geno Nash executed the event.

"I felt the training was a great realistic environment for the Future Soldiers because of the Drill Sergeants presence," said Nash. "In future events I will always implement the Drill Sergeants into the events."