FORT HOOD, Texas -- Starting Oct. 1, all Directorate of Logistic facilities throughout the Army will come under the administrative control of the Army Sustainment Command/Army Materiel Command.

DOLs are responsible for supplies, services, transportation, and maintenance support to Soldiers.

Until 2001, DOLs were part of the garrison staff. This changed to the Installation Management Activity and then Installation Management Command.

For the past two years, ASC has been planning a transfer of all the DOLs to its oversight per a Department of the Army decision. This will provide centralized management of logistics functions to units in garrison and in the field.

DOLs provide combat service support from food service to ammunition; maintenance to transportation, and uniform items to repair parts. Additionally, they run the dining facilities, household goods and general transportation, general supply warehouses, and laundry services to name a few.

A SARET (Small Arms Readiness and Evaluation Team) unit from TACOM LCMC (Life Cycle Management Command) Warren, Mich., is visiting Fort Hood, Texas, rebuilding individual weapons for the 215th Forward Support Battalion, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division.

Up to 30 people were contracted to perform the maintenance which will put the individual weapons in a complete reset status to a "10-20 standard." The work usually lasts up to three weeks and this particular event will see 6,000 pieces of equipment serviced, said James Tucker, equipment specialist and mission lead, SARET, TACOM LCMC.

At Fort Hood, DOL is working with the "Mighty" 407th Army Field Support Brigade, ASC, for a seamless transition. Currently, ASC has operational control of all DOL functions.