All Army email users will migrate to Enterprise Email service, which means that email services will now be under Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA).

The migration of emails will take place April 24-25 at Natick Soldier Systems Center. Last names starting with A-K will be migrated on April 24; last names L-Z will be migrated on April 25.

The migration is occurring to consolidate information technology services, improve capabilities, and reduce overall costs. The advantages of this change include larger online email storage (4 gigabytes), larger attachment capability (up to 20 MB), email access from any CAC-enabled device, sharing resource calendars across the enterprise, new and enhanced Outlook interface, and an expanded Global Address List that will include a NSSC Address Book.

Pre-migration for all email users at NSSC should have been completed already, but if you have not done so, please do so immediately. To make sure you have completed this process correctly, please consult this website: http://natiportal/nec/ex2010mig/default.aspx, which has general information, helpful links, and answers to frequently asked questions. One of the most important parts of pre-migration is making certain that the existing mailbox sizes are significantly less than 50 MB so that the migration is successful.

It should be noted that you do not need to have your laptop or desktop computer on for migration to occur. Should you run into any problems, please check the website above and find your POC by looking under "General Information" and clicking on IMOs_POC_List.

New email addresses will be set up as follows: First.MI.Last(X).(civ/mil/ctr) Your new email will be created using your current email listing. DISA is not accepting any requests for change. Updating personal information is possible, though, and that can be found in the website mentioned above under "Helpful Links."