FORT MONROE, Va. (Army News Service, Mar. 7, 2008) - Sgt. 1st Class Lloyd Maggard of the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command Protocol Office was presented the Purple Heart today for injuries he suffered in combat during his recent service in Iraq. The presentation was made by Gen. William S. Wallace, TRADOC Commanding General.

On Nov. 2, 2005, Maggard was serving with a Mobile Training Team near Taramia. They arrived at a main supply route that was flagged for suspicious activity and a reported improvised explosive device.

"I walked around the perimeter looking for the detonating device and I couldn't find anything," Maggard said. "I reached in my pocket to get my radio and make the call and just as I went to step off the berm I was standing on, it went off and I didn't remember anything after that. I had Soldiers who thought I was dead. All I thought I had were minor scratches and bruises."

After getting cleared by the medics, Maggard returned to duty and continued his job training Iraqi soldiers to set up and operate check points and conduct patrols.

"It is common practice that if you weren't seriously wounded, you continued your mission," Maggard said.

It wasn't until the sergeant went to the dentist after returning to the United States, that anything was discovered.

"I was getting fitted for my crowns, and the dentist asked me what all this metal in my jaw was," Maggard said. "I had little metal fragments all over. After doing research, we discovered that the metal pieces were from the IED. Most of them have come out when I shave, but there are still a couple pieces in my face, but it is nothing to be concerned with."

Upon Maggard's return and treatment to his face and jaw, Fred Bacthelor wanted to know why he had not received the Purple Heart. With that question, the process started.

"I had reservations at first about receiving the Purple Heart," Maggard said. "The people who get them are usually Soldiers who lost arms or legs. I said if Human Resources Command decides I deserve it, I would accept what they decide."

Maggard was joined at the award ceremony by his wife and his children.