GRAFENWOEHR, Germany- Soldiers of the 106th Financial Management Company, 16th Special Troops Battalion, 16th Sustainment Brigade, conducted a reflexive fire exercise here, March 26.

Under clear skies and moderate temperatures, the Diamondbacks used the range to refine their tactical skills and confidence while utilizing their primary weapon system. The training exercise proved that the Soldiers of 106th FM Co. are capable of sending thousands of rounds downrange while practicing movement techniques, providing clear communication and making on-the-spot corrections through effective coaching methods.

Before the first rifle magazine was loaded, Soldiers received Preliminary Marksmanship Instruction on the proper stance, target recognition, and conduct of firing. Repetition of these initial steps helped familiarize Soldiers with the necessary skills to avoid complacency, and battle through fatigue should they ever be engaged in a firefight. After the PMI, Soldiers and coaches loaded live rounds into magazines, took their positions on the range and practiced their pivoting movements while engaging 10-meter targets.

Soldiers were afforded the opportunity to fire more than 8,700 rounds. The constant recurring action increased confidence in their ability to turn, lift their weapon to a proper firing position, switch from safe to semi-automatic and fire accurately with the M68 Close Combat Optic before returning to the ready position. Coaches stood nearby to ensure that firers continued to make adjustments when necessary, causing the training to be extremely effective through immediate feedback and correction.

"Having the ability to coach and mentor Soldiers of the company gave me the confidence that our Soldiers are ready to defend themselves downrange," said Staff Sgt. Dimas Fonseca, a senior financial management analyst with the 106th FM Co. and a native of La Habra, Calif.

The overall response from Soldiers was extremely positive from the training experience.

"The reflexive fire range was another milestone of training for the Soldiers firing our M16s in a different setting other than qualifying," said Spc. Michelle Libby, a Financial Management Pay Technician and a native of Fairfax, Va. "It helped us better prepare for a combat environment."

Most finance Soldiers understand that their mission is primarily support orientated, however they must remain proficient in tactical training methods in order to be ready for any combat situation.

"I am very proud of how our Soldiers performed," said Maj. Gavin Luher, the commander of the 106th FM Co. "They exceeded my two primary training objectives; becoming comfortable with your weapon system, and exhibiting increased ownership; controlling the rifle during movement techniques. I am more confident in our Soldiers' abilities at this point and look forward to conducting this exercise again."