Army extends smartcard pilot for spouses and retirees

By Army CIO/G-6April 19, 2012

The Army is evaluating smartcard identity authentication as an alternative for Army family and retirees to login to Army websites like Army OneSource and AKO.
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The Army recently extended its smartcard pilot for Army spouses and retirees through Sept. 2012 after a very positive response to the Oct. 2011 to March 2012 pilot.

The Army is evaluating smartcard identity authentication as an alternative to username/password login to websites-- such as Army OneSource, Army Family Readiness Group, milConnect, TRICARE Online and Army Knowledge Online (AKO).

If you are an Army spouse or retiree living near Ft. Belvoir, VA; Ft. Bragg, NC; and Ft. Jackson, SC, the Army seeks your help. To register or renew a smartcard, visit the Smartcard Pilot page on AKO:

The Army Spouse and Retiree Smartcard Pilot is part of a larger initiative to secure sensitive data on Army private web servers. The smartcard's public-key-infrastructure (PKI)-based authentication provides a more secure and convenient way to access Army and DoD online resources that contain personally identifiable information. The Army is also considering other solutions for family and retiree logon.

From Oct. 2011 to March 2012, over 700 smartcards were issued to Army spouses and Active Duty, Reserve and National Guard retirees across five pilot installations. Surveys showed that 93 percent of respondents preferred using the smartcard over username/password and 64 percent used the smartcard at least once a day or several times per day to access Army and DoD websites.

The Army wants input from new smartcard users as well as from spouses and retirees who were accepted into the pilot's first phase. Pilot participants will have the same level of access to information as before -- the only difference will be how they make the initial connection.

The Army Chief Information Officer/G-6 is executing the pilot with support from the Defense Manpower Data Center, AKO, Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management/Installation Management Command, Army G-1 and the TRICARE Management Activity.

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