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FORT STEWART, Ga. - Fort Stewart's Commissary Council gathered to discuss improvements from last month's council meeting and current commissary concerns at the Garrison Headquarters, April 10. Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield Garrison Commander Col. Kevin Milton and Commissary Director Steve Young led the forum by addressing Commissary old business.

"This is some of the old business from the last [council meeting]," Young said. "We took a look outside of the commissary lighting. There is one light that has been disconnected due to the moving project and that was causing some of the darkness. With the change in time [zone], it really hasn't been a big issue anymore. The light should be back up in the next week or two. The roof will be totally completed by the end of April."

Young continued the meeting by discussing topics of concerns such as hot cereals, Digiorno Flat Bread Pizza, Sun Flower nuts, organic products, Excedrin and sidewalk cleanliness.

"Right now, we are carrying everything that we are allowed to carry [for hot cereals," Young stated. "The Digiorno Flat Bread Pizza is probably going out the door. . . The manufacturer informed me that Digiorno has found them to be very unsuccessful, believe it or not. Sun Flower nuts, those are available."

Young shared that they are continually working on bringing in more organic products as they become available. The Excedrin issue will not be available in the commissary because it has been recalled. He also addressed the issue of sidewalk cleanliness.

"Since the last meeting, those sidewalks have been pressure-washed twice," he said. "Some of the gum just will not come off. With pressure wash, steam [and] scraping, we just can't get it up. They are so old and beat-down inside the [concrete]."

A hot topic discussed during the meeting was extreme couponing.

"We have some extreme couponers," Young explained. "Some of them have clubs where they get together. We had a few issues with club members coming into the store and literally taking entire books of coupons off the shelf. We've actually had one or two say that they are bringing back to their club. I ask that you do not that. Make it available to everyone."

A new change has been made regarding refunded cash from the use of coupons.

"The other thing is some of the extreme couponers are actually getting cash back," he continued. "So, they'll get as many coupons as possible to get the money back. If the money they get exceeds 25 dollars, they're going to get a commissary gift card. It is effective the first of May."

While the 25 dollar gift card for extreme couponers begins in May, the upcoming commissary news includes a mega case lot sale and a farmer's market/sidewalk sale.