This event, which was attended by more than 200 civilian and military personnel, marked the beginning of the Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

The two commanders' signing of the proclamation served to demonstrate Area IV's commitment to support the Army's push to educate the community about sexual assault awareness and how to prevent future incidents.

"Sexual assault is a crime, and it has no place in our Army. It's incompatible with our core values and it destroys unit cohesion and readiness wherever it occurs," Gavle said.

This year's theme is achieving cultural change through dignity and respect, which involves encouraging Soldiers to take a stance when insight of sexual violations.

"Taking a stance means not being a silent bystander," said Maj. Doris Hynes, 19th ESC Sexual Harassment Assault Response Prevention coordinator. "Soldiers need not be afraid to make corrections when they see something wrong."

There is no differentiating between military and civilian communities when it comes to preventing sexual assault issue.

"Regardless of whether you are affiliated with the military or not, sexual assault should not be tolerated in our community," Haynes said. "This event was to show the community that we are taking a stance against sexual assault, but it still takes a community in order to eliminate sexual assault."

Hurley charged the attendees of the event with the responsibility of preventing sexual assault.

"Sexual assault is not a lone issue because it's everyone's issue. You are hereby the solution so help us eliminate sexual assault," Hurley said.

The 19th ESC annually hosts a series of events during its Sexual Assault Awareness Month to educate its affiliates on the tools available to avoid harassment and assault as well as to care for the victims.

For more information on the 19th ESC's sexual assault awareness month, please contact the Army Community Service at 768-7112.