"We are honored to make a contribution of this kind," Lt. Col. Jack Haefner, Fort A.P. Hill garrison commander, said before presenting a large cardboard check to Caroline County Board of Supervisors Chairman Wayne A. Acors. "This is just a small token of our gratitude to Caroline County for your support of Fort A.P. Hill, the Warriors we train and the Army Civilians who support them."

In accordance with U.S. law, states formerly occupied by what is now Fort A.P. Hill Federal property are entitled to 40 percent of the net profit generated from the sale of forest products on the installation. These entitlements are to be used to support public schools and roads within localities. The amount of proceeds in any given year are subject to many factors including the level of timber harvesting occurring at the installation, forest product market fluctuations, and the forestry program budget and funding level. This results in a wide range of state entitlement proceed sharing from zero to over $92 thousand since 2007.

Virginia directs the money to the Department of Education which is then passed to the county. Years showing zero entitlement funds are the result of program costs in excess of timber sale revenue. During some of those years, Army Environmental Center distributed additional funding to installations.

Fort A.P. Hill was established from land in Caroline and Essex counties in 1941 to provide a training center for our Nation's Warriors. The post remains a training center today, providing joint realistic and combined arms training support to America's Defense Forces. Its workforce proudly upholds the vision to provide those Warriors "The Best Training and Support--Anywhere."

Fort A.P. Hill is 75,794 acres, mostly comprised of land which was formerly Caroline and Essex Counties, 300 acres being from the latter. Of that, 88 percent or about 67,000 acres of Fort A.P. Hill is forested. Fort A.P. Hill's Forestry Branch manages forest stands to meet military training requirements, contribute to ecosystem health, manage wildlife habitat, and create a renewable, marketable timber product. Of the 67,000 forested acres on Fort A.P. Hill, approximately 42,000 acres are managed with commercial timber harvesting.

Fort A.P. Hill's forests make it an ideal place for Warriors to literally get lost in the woods while conducting various training operations from maneuver to live-fire.