After receiving the benefit of Project Healing Waters, he soon became the project assistant leader at McGuire Medical Center, Richmond, Va., for the very same program.

Volunteers like Hall and Art Girard help wounded warriors learn the ins and outs of fly tying and ultimately, on day trips like the one to Fort A.P. Hill Tuesday, fly fishing. Project Healing Waters is an all-volunteer program that works closely with the Veterans Administration to provide recreation therapy to those who have been wounded in battles from Vietnam to current military conflicts.

Paulette Beasley, recreation therapist for McGuire's poly-trauma unit, credits Phil Johnson, Project Healing Waters regional manager, with turning every hump-day into "fly fishing Wednesday."

On Tuesday, they got on an early start on "hump day," when 12 wounded warriors from the program cast their lines into Beaverdam Lake at Fort A.P. Hill. Laughing and enjoying themselves, both the warriors and the volunteers seemed to enjoy the outing.
Beasley has seen great value in the program.

"I have seen warriors who were so deep in their shell, ultimately do a complete turnaround thanks to the fly fishing program at McGuire," Beasley said.