Kimberly Evans knows all about taking care of people. In fact, she says helping people is all she knows how to do.

For those who have ever sought her help, or those she works around, it wasn't a surprise when she was named Fort Lee's Soldier and Family Assistance Center director. The newly-created SFAC works in conjunction with the Warrior Transition Unit on post to assist wounded Soldiers. The following is a conversation with Evans about her take on helping others and her job.

Q: What is your primary focus right now with your job and helping Soldiers'

Evans: The SFAC was created to support the mission of the WTU and with that we concentrate on getting the Soldier to focus on mental, physical and spiritual healing.

Q: Prior to this, you helped Soldiers through the Army Community Service'

Evans: Yes, I've been with ACS since 1995, but the SFAC has been up and running since Jan. 1.

Q: I understand that you are moving out of the ACS building and into your own SFAC facility. How excited are you about that'

Evans: I am ecstatic about moving! The new SFAC will be in building 8039 on C Avenue. It's still ACS, just a different location with the same mission of helping Soldiers and Families.

Q: How many Soldiers throughout your career would you say you've helped'

Evans: I've probably helped thousands of Soldiers and their Family members.There are too many to count. The best part of my job is taking care of Soldiers and Families. I may not be able to solve every problem, but I will make every attempt. I'm a pretty resourceful person. I understand that every situation is not always black or white. It may be gray. A solution that I might have may not be exactly the one that the Soldier wants to hear, but it will be the best possible solution under the given circumstances.

Q: What's the first thing you do when someone comes to you for help'

Evans: I look at the whole person, not just the problem or issue that brought the person to me.

Q: Does so many people coming to you in crisis ever get to you'

Evans: I think to myself, "it's not my fault, but it is my problem." With that, when a Soldier or Family member comes to me for assistance, I know it's my job to help them and I have to help them.

Q: What type of specific assistance do you offer'

Evans: Some of the things we offer Soldiers and their Family members are assistance with social, financial, educational, legal, vocational, and pastoral services.

Q: Is your Family aware of how you help others'

Evans: My husband and best friend of 20 years is very proud of me and what I do. In fact, I was a social worker in Petersburg, and worked in social work at a few other places prior to working in ACS and the federal government. I raised three of my sister's children after she passed in addition to my own children. Yes, my Family is aware.

Q: Are you from the Fort Lee area'

Evans: Yes, I'm from Petersburg, Va.

I graduated from Norfolk State University. I've been around the world [Husband is retired military] and eventually came back to Petersburg.

Q: Do you think you were meant to help others'

Evans: God gives us roles and responsibilities and the role God gave me was to take care of people.