FORT JACKSON, S.C. -- A storage room fire has temporarily shut down the NCO Club.

The Fort Jackson Fire Department responded to an automatic alarm 8:17 p.m. Monday, said Fort Jackson Fire Chief Bill Forrester, and arrived to find smoke near the NCO Club's loading dock. A fire in a storage room inside the club had spread to the ceilings of connecting hallways and responders from Fort Jackson and Columbia fire departments had the fire under control in 12 minutes.

Forrester said the fire was caused by an overloaded extension cord that overheated and ignited the surrounding material in the storage room.

The property value of the damages has yet to be determined, Forrester said.

NCO Club Manager Carole Coveney said club operations have been moved temporarily to the Officers' Club. No events scheduled for the NCO Club have been canceled as of press time, but events are being relocated to other locations until the club is operational again. One of those events is Saturday's farewell dinner for Maj. Gen. James Milano. The event was tentatively relocated to the Solomon Center.

"I don't know if there's any serious smoke damage, but the smoke is throughout the whole club," Coveney said.

If you have an event scheduled at the NCO Club in the near future, contact NCO Club Catering Manager Loli Ybarra, who will be working at the Officers' Club. Ybarra can be reached at 782 8762.

Lunch is available at Century Bowling Center and the Golf Club.