Key staff members of the Army's G3 Operations and Office of Business Transformation accompanied BG Karen Dyson, Director of the Business Operations Directorate, on a visit to Ms. Lisa Danzig, Director of Strategic Planning and Management, Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The purpose of the interagency visit was for HUD members to provide the Army with insight into their performance measurement and assessment process.

HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan leads quarterly reviews, known as HUDStat, to drive performance improvement on Priority Goals. The session provided the Army with a fresh perspective for how a federal agency successfully leverages agency-wide performance measures to gauge desired outcomes. The cornerstone of HUD's methodology is a small Strategic Performance team that organizes and leads the Secretary's performance assessment process.

The HUD model is top-down driven, with significant support of the HUD Secretary, who provides guidance and personally engages in the performance assessment reviews. The model covers regular and special topics distributed in a timely manner to enable effective data collection and analysis and has been continually adaptive. HUD involves multiple external stakeholders who provide process input in the form of metric data and process strategy.

BG Dyson described the event as a "very enlightening and productive meeting." The OBT is assisting the Army G3 staff as it moves forward with implementing performance assessment updates of the Army's Campaign and Major Objectives in the Army Campaign Plan. The next step in the collaboration is for Army member to attend an April HUDStat meeting at HUD and review HUD's communication processes.