FORT HUACHUCA, Ariz. -- Every day we face an array of decisions from the mundane to the monumental, and it's often those mundane decisions we take for granted. Every day hundreds of Soldiers, civilians, and contractors commute to and from work and many will make the conscious decision to speed.

Whether you're desperately trying to make it to work on time or you're seeking a thrill, one thing is certain; you're exponentially increasing your chances for a serious or even fatal accident every time you speed.

Speed restrictions are laws put in place according to the kinds of vehicles and the amount of traffic on the road with regard to the type of area. Speed limits are meant to be followed in order to maintain safety. A driver or motorcyclist who is going significantly over the speed limit is putting him or herself as well as others at risk.

It's everybody's responsibility to follow all posted speed limits and look out for the safety of not only our Soldiers as they train but every precious life we encounter; safety is everyone's responsibility.

As warm weather approaches, many more will be out and about enjoying the weather and venturing out to partake in local activities. This means an increase in outdoor activities to include: kids at play, young drivers taking to the road for the first time, Soldiers conducting physical training and an increase in both motorcyclists and bicyclists sharing the road.

On Fort Huachuca alone there were 174 recorded incidents of speeding in the past two months, with more than half of those violations involving individuals traveling between 11 and 20 miles per hour over the posted speed limit.

Now is the time to renew our vigilance and increase our awareness of both the changing environment and all posted speed limits. Many of you will look to expand your travels to take advantage of the scenic routes and beautiful open roads Arizona has to offer.

Don't just practice safe driving habits while on post but remember to be mindful of your speed during these well deserved vacations to make sure you return to work safe, refreshed and without the hassle of unnecessary speeding tickets.

Cities and states across the country that are struggling to close often-massive budget gaps are turning to the revenue generated by speeding tickets. That means fewer warnings and less tolerance for those who routinely speed just a little.

The next time you find yourself digging in on that gas pedal or opening the throttle, ease up and ask yourself 'Why?' Almost always you'll find that the decision to speed could have been avoided all together with a little planning.

Remember, the everyday choices we make -- both big and small -- shape our futures. Keep these helpful tips in mind before your next drive and see to it that your future is not only bright but safe:

Allow yourself plenty of time for the journey.
Know your vehicle and the limits of your driving.
Be alert, concentrate and deal appropriately with any hazard.
Drive at a speed that will allow you to stop within the extent of your vision.
Drive well, and get there safely!