DETROIT ARSENAL, Mich. -- Members of Leadership Macomb Class 15 visited the Detroit Arsenal March 21 to get a better understanding of what the arsenal is and what happens here.

Leadership Macomb is a non-profit organization whose nine-month program brings together leaders from numerous institutions, disciplines and geographic areas to strengthen their leadership skills, develop long-term business relationships, and obtain in depth information about Macomb County.

It is a collaboration that utilizes the resources of the community, business, and government entities to inform decision makers and the public about emerging issues that will impact the county, southeast Michigan and their own organizations' bottom-line.
During the visit, they heard briefings from TACOM Life Cycle Management Command, Program Executive Office Ground Combat Systems and the U.S. Army Garrison -- Detroit Arsenal leaders who explained the different missions at the arsenal. They also took a tour of one of the newest building on the installation which included an in-depth briefing by Karen Carnego, installation construction team leader, on the energy conservation measures that were taken in the construction and operation of the facility. Their day ended up with a tour of the Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center.

"Building relationships with these current and future leaders within Macomb County is instrumental to the community understanding what we do here on the arsenal," said Art Young, director of emergency services and acting deputy garrison manager for the arsenal. "These people will be able to take the message of who we are and what we do outside the gate and help strengthen our ties within the community."

When asked by a show of hands, most of the tour members knew that the arsenal was here but only a couple had any idea what actually happened on the installation.

"When you drive by and see the gates it's hard to believe that all this is back here," said one of the tour members. "It's amazing to see everything that is happening on this installation. It's really amazing."