2012 Report to Congress on Business Transformation
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Under Secretary of the Army Joseph Westphal released the Army's 2012 Annual Report to Congress on Business Transformation highlighting accomplishments and future actions planned to transform the Institutional Army. Specific areas of the report explained Army Fiscal Year 2011 accomplishments in strengthening financial management, to include Army efforts to achieve financial auditability; enhancing Army energy security; and reforming the acquisition process.

The report also discusses the Army's efforts to implement an integrated management system; improve Army business processes; transform business systems information technology management; and promote resource-informed decision making. Lastly, the report provides an update on the Army's business initiatives outlined in the Army's 2010 Business Transformation Plan.

Dr. Westphal reiterated, "Movement toward the Army of 2020 will require examination of a broad range of Army capabilities -- from organizational structure to training, from leader development to equipping. As the Army changes to meet this new strategy, we will continue to adapt our business operations to ensure we provide trained and ready forces at best value to the Nation."

LTG William T. Grisoli, Director of the Office of Business Transformation, was satisfied with the Army's business transformation accomplishments in 2011. He stated, "Army leaders are making great strides in better aligning the Institutional Army with our Operational Army." LTG Grisoli leads the Army Office of Business Transformation, the organization responsible for supporting the Under Secretary in carrying out the Army's business transformation initiative. One of the office's responsibilities is coordinating the report across the Army staff.

The report fulfills the requirement outlined in Section 908 of the Duncan Hunter National Defense Authorization Act for FY09 (Public Law 110-417). This legislation directs the Secretary of each military department, acting through the Under Secretary of the Army/Chief Management Officer, to carry out an initiative for the business transformation of the military department. This legislation further directs the Under Secretary of the Army to submit a report to Congressional defense committees by March 1, 2012.

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