SAN ANTONIO -- The Army has begun a worldwide initiative to survey members of its communities as part of an effort to improve morale, welfare and recreation programs.

The survey, conducted by the Marketing Research and Analysis Branch of the Family and MWR Programs directorate, U.S. Army Installation Management Command, seeks to identify what customers are interested in, whether they are using available services and if so, how satisfied are they with the programming their garrison has to offer.

This month researchers began sending invitations to participate in the Army MWR Services Survey.

All participants -- approximately 223,000 -- were randomly selected from 75 garrisons. The sampling includes approximately 70,000 Active Duty Soldiers; 64,000 spouses of Active Duty Soldiers; 73,000 DoD Civilians and 76,000 Retirees.

According to project managers, this survey will directly aid garrisons by giving them feedback from their communities.

"The survey is going to give us the information we need to make sound business decisions based on customer interest," said Joseph Rayzor, marketing chief for Family and MWR Programs.

Those selected to participate in the Army MWR Services Survey will be contacted by email and mail. The survey may be completed online or by paper survey through April.

Results will be analyzed and compiled into a report by the fall of 2012.

Data collected through this survey will inform leaders at all levels, from installations to IMCOM.

Coordinators ask all who receive a survey invitation participate in the process.

"There is great value for senior leadership to receive input from the entire Army community," said Rayzor. "The information from this survey will be used to shape Family and MWR programs and services that support the Army in the future."

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