BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan--Eleven Quality Assurance Specialists (Ammunition Surveillance) from commands across the U.S. deployed to Afghanistan for several months in support of the U.S. Forces-Afghanistan led Operation Ammunition Clean Sweep 2012 designed to coincide with surge recovery efforts.

The QASAS, who are from commands under the U.S. Army Materiel Command, are working with units under the 10th and 45th Sustainment Brigades across the combined joint operations area -- Afghanistan to support the USFOR-A Operation Ammunition Clean Sweep 2012 mission. The 401st Army Field Support Brigade, part of Army Sustainment Command's global network and the USAMC Materiel Enterprise provides logistics support for the teams.

The teams are supporting draw-down efforts, retrograde operations, combat readiness and explosives safety said Theresa A. Smith, Joint Munitions Command senior command representative at 401st AFSB.

The efforts of OACS 2012 will result in a safer operational environment by performing a full inspection of munitions at sites ranging in size from ammunition support activities to unit level holding areas. This will be done by removing and reclassifying the unserviceable or unsafe ammunition at each location and educating the service members on the proper way to store and handle munitions, Smith said.

"This effort will significantly reduce the explosive hazards to which our personnel are exposed to in the CJO-A," Smith said.

Smith noted that five of the 11 OACS 2012 members deployed in support of OACS 2011 last year and that one of the team members, Kyle Voelcker, was her predecessor as the JMC SCR.