CECOM's Central Technical Support Facility at Fort Hood, Texas, recently supported the Army's new Agile (acquisition) Process by providing a unique selection of services to nine systems in line to participate in the fall Network Integration Evaluation, NIE, event at Fort Bliss, Texas, and White Sands Missile Range, N.M. (FBTX/WSMR).

The services--network integration, risk reduction, and information assurance assistance--allowed the nine Systems Under Evaluation, or SUEs, to "plug in" to a test network representative of the one used at FBTX/WSMR in the October 12.1 NIE event.

CTSF system of systems engineers examined SUEs including the Network Operations Virtualization Package, the DRS Company Command Post, The JTRS WNW Network manager with Ground Mobile Radio, the Soldier Radio Waveform Network Manager, Advanced Meshnets Technology, SideHat with ITT Soldier Radio-Rifleman, the Tactical Transportable Troposhperic (3T) Scatter, the Wireless Network after Next, the Oceus 3G, 4G Tactical Cellular, and the Joint Capabilities Release Enhanced Mission Command.

The CTSF was able to provide participating SUEs with familiarization with the NIE infrastructure and integration issues, preparation for information assurance scans, proven risk reduction processes, and expertise in the field of engineering support.
The Agile Process enables the Army to cut down the time it takes for industry to propose systems for eventual fielding, and the time those systems are actually fielded.