MOLINE, Ill. -- High school students here learned about the origins of World War I, and the horrors faced by those who fought in the "War to End All Wars," during a March 9 presentation by U.S. Army Sustainment Command's historian.

ASC historian George Eaton gave the presentation at Moline High School. The 40-minute presentation, made in the school's auditorium, was attended by about 150 freshman students from history and social studies classes.

Eaton used a slide show featuring maps, graphs, photographs and film clips -- including scenes from movies about World War I and film shot on the battlefield -- to explain the origins of the war and America's late entry into the conflict. Photos and film shown during the presentation graphically illustrated the suffering of soldiers who engaged in trench warfare, and demonstrated why the casualty rate among those who fought in the war was so high.

Eaton showed the students examples of some of the weapons and gear carried by U.S. soldiers fighting in World War I, including a M1903 Springfield rifle with bayonet attached and a standard "doughboy" helmet. Both are restored originals, although the rifle has been demilitarized and can no longer fire.

Earlier in the month, Eaton gave similar presentations on World War I in Davenport, Iowa, and on Rock Island Arsenal, Ill. -- site of ASC Headquarters -- in conjunction with the Quad City Symphony Orchestra's performance of Benjamin Britten's "War Requiem."