GRAFENWOEHR, Germany -- Grafenwoehr Elementary School students were treated to an intimate performance by the U.S. Air Force's ensemble, the "Winds Aloft" windwood quintet, here, March 6.

Children from kindergarten through fifth grade listened to the musical magical unfold and received an instrument lesson as each performer stood up and explained how their instrument was built and how it was played.

The theme "Music under the Circus Tent," struck the perfect chord with the young audience's imaginations. Students were asked to listen and imagine what various circus performers and animals might sound like when represented by certain instruments. They were all ears as they tried to picture themselves under the big top - imagining what the elephants, clowns, acrobats and even a kangaroo might sound like through beautiful pieces performed by the musicians.

The elementary students prepared for this performance weeks in advance by discussing woodwind instruments in Kristin Levison's music class. Levison taught the children how certain instruments elicit various feelings and images when listened to carefully. Additionally, she discussed the french horn which Master Sgt. Steven Schaughency played for the children. Other performers included Tech. Sgt. Avril Clayton on the flute and piccolo, Staff Sgt. Justin Hammer on the oboe, Tech. Sgt. Shannon Dolley on the B flat clarinet, and the one who impressed the children the most - Staff Sergeant Jerome Minor on the very cool large bassoon.

Levison said it really makes a big impact on the students when adults take the time to come in and perform just for them.

Music is fundamental to our children's education. Through music concepts from reading to math to the sciences are explored and enhanced, she added.

The band's visit was part of the Music in Our Schools program, sponsored by Department of Defense Dependents Schools.