One of the most important battles of the Korean War took place in a small country village called Chipyongri. On Feb. 15, after 57 years, the annual memorial ceremony for the fallen Soldiers of this conflict was held at this historical site.

Soldiers, South Korean War veterans, and civilians, joined 2nd Infantry Division Commander, Maj. Gen. John W. Morgan III, Maj. Gen. Oh, Jeong Suk, ROK 20th Mechanized Infantry Division Commander and Col. Nass, French Embassy Defense Attache at this event.

The victory at Chipyongri changed the whole wartime situation at that moment. It gave back strategic control, which had been held by Chinese Communist Forces up to that point, to the combined forces. Consisting of the 23rd Regiment of 2ID and the French Army battalion, it was the first defeat of the CCF since fighting had begun in Korea. As a result of this battle, the United Nations forces pushed the CCF to the 38th parallel. In spite of the overwhelming number of enemies, the U.S., ROK and French Army achieved their collective victory.

"We stand here today to remember the legacy of veterans who fought so bravely during this historic moment in time," Morgan said.

After their remarks, wreaths were laid upon each nation's monument in memory of the fallen Soldiers, paying tribute to their bravery and refusal to be defeated. In addition, the ROK 20th Mech. Division Soldiers reenacted the battle.

"This was an honor that I could attend this ceremony," said Pfc. Steven Christopherson, HHC, 70th Brigade Support Battalion. "I think this is something important that should be remembered by everyone."