The last-seeded "Too Easy" came back to take 2nd place in the exciting finals of the 1st Heavy Brigade Combat Team's weekly staff bowling league at Hovey Lanes Bowling Alley, Camp Hovey Jan. 23.

The staff has been building toward the heavily anticipated finals since early October. The Iron O's had been the favorite to win due to an excellent record, and the Holy Rollers were trailing in a close second.

But when the two teams went head-to-head, the Holy Rollers came out on top once and the Iron O's won the second meeting.

While the rest of the league had exciting up and down games, Too Easy's dismal record progressively worsened. That is, until the finals. Too Easy came back with such ferocity that they knocked out the top team in the first round and almost took the entire tournament. It seemed as if the underdog would have come out on top.

Their inspiring performance would almost be comparable to the Giants in this year's Super Bowl, but unlike the Giants their performance was not quite so coordinated. Their otherwise mediocre skills appeared to have undertaken an amazing turnaround overnight. By the end of the finals their remarkable performance pinned them against the second-seeded Split Happens.

Despite Too Easy's best effort, in the end it was Split Happens who came out on top, putting an electrifying finish on an already outstanding season.

The Iron Brigade staff will continue to build upon this foundation of teamwork with a spring sporting league.