ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL, Ill. -- The U.S. Army Sustainment Command hosted a third, and final, Lead Materiel Integrator pilot here during the week of Jan. 26, validating the LMI Decision Support Tool (1.0), while testing capabilities and internal processes.

The Distribution Management Center, the ASC element managing LMI, hosted two previous pilots and a number of training events in preparation for the launch of the LMI mission.

"This pilot differs from the rest because we used the tool on the web," said the DMC's Lindsey Jones. "It is now interactive and we have the capability to vet sourcing decisions with materiel stakeholders, allowing us to use the tool at our workstations and them from their home station."

LMI is a new method of operating the Army's materiel distribution and redistribution processes. Under this new approach, a single manager -- using the Decision Support Tool - will ensure Soldiers have the right equipment at the right time to accomplish their missions.

As the executing agent for Army Materiel Command, ASC's mission is to meet the equipping needs of Army units and Soldiers for their specified training and operational missions.

Jones said this tool can be accessed from secure government computers and this version, released Dec. 15, enables additional capabilities that weren't available prior to its release. Specifically, this version focuses on basic sourcing and execution of ASC's mission.

"This pilot was an aid to assist LMI [managers] in identifying enhancements that can be made to the tool and it helped us refine our processes," she said.

Later versions of the DST will become available as the LMI process matures. These versions will allow for enhanced workflow, execution tracking, expanded excursion capabilities and, eventually, robust reporting in the final version, expected to launch June 2013.