Name: Kenya T. McLin, operations research analyst, U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command, Huntsville, Ala.

Age: 24

Hometown: Atlanta, Ga.

Years of federal service: Two years

Education: Bachelor of Science in mathematics from Tuskegee University

Marital status: Single

Children: No little ones for me!

Activities/hobbies: Federally Employed Women, Blacks in Government, shopping, reading, singing in the shower, playing violin

Favorite movie: Love and Basketball, Mean Girls, Daddy's Little Girls

Favorite TV show: Currently addicted to 24 reruns onNetflix

Favorite band: Local Orbit and Travis Porter, along with individual artists Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry and so many more.

Favorite thing about working for the Army: How can I choose just one thing? I guess I'd have to say working in the Concepts Analysis Lab, which is an interactive, dynamic group full of new ideas and motivation for a future with the Army.

What made you want to work for the Army: Well, first, I was interested in the opportunity to make a real difference in the world, but once I was introduced to the Army Values, I knew this was the place for me.