Weather does not deter visitors from making their way to see what Sierra Army Depot is all about.

It was the first visit to the depot for Army Materiel Command Chaplain (Col.) Kenneth Sampson. Sampson traveled to the depot through snow flurries and cold weather, only to be greeted by the first of many warm and personal touches that depot employees are known for.

Julie Mason, director of Community Services, and her staff went out their way to ensure his stay at the Skedaddle Inn was nothing less than a five-star rating.

Sampson received a command briefing from Lt. Col. Lee H. Schiller, depot commander, before he began a tour of the depot operations. Sampson took a few minutes to thank Schiller, his staff, and all the workers here at SIAD for their untiring efforts and dedication to the Soldier in the field.

"Many times the work done at this level is not acknowledged and properly thanked. And I just wanted to personally thank each and every one for what they are doing because it really makes a difference," said Sampson.

A windshield tour was provided of the long-term storage of wheeled vehicles that have returned from Southwest Asia awaiting disposition.

The first stop for Sampson was to talk with co-workers of a depot employee who lost his life on Dec. 31 in a traffic accident. Team members were moved that Sampson took time out of his schedule to come and talk to them.

The camaraderie and family togetherness displayed by the co-workers in a time like this was extremely moving said Sampson. He stated that if this was the only stop of the entire tour, then his visit was truly a successful "holy moment."

From there, the next stop was to see work being completed within the Trailer Reset operation. Jason Haggerty, supervisor, described the process his employees take to get the trailers ready to be shipped back to the field. Sampson, engergized by this area, was ready to start helping the employees turn wrenches.

A quick walk through AJ1 receiving helped Sampson understand how many items the depot receives and processes on a daily basis. He continued to thank employees at every stop for their outstanding work.

It was then on to Bill Rowland's shop, Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Units Reset. Once again, the energy level raised up a couple of notches as Sampson was ready to sign up and be a part of this team.

With one last stop within mission, Sampson was provided a tour of the Paint Shop. Chris Jacobs, supervisor, inspired Sampson to the point where he was ready to slip on some coveralls, walk into the paint booth or sandblast booth and give a helping hand.

After the tours, Sampson ended his visit with George Mongar, Employee Assistance program manager, Robert Picco, training coordinator, and Mason where discussion on how chaplaincy presence was important and how a partnership for religious support during a disaster is needed.