FORT RUCKER, Ala. (Feb. 23, 2012) -- The Fort Rucker Silver Wings Golf Course holds a membership drive through the month of March to attract new members to join the golf club and get current members to renew their membership through the 2012-2013 golf season.

The Silver Wings Golf course boasts three different 9-hole courses -- red, white and blue -- that people can enjoy year-round from dawn until dusk and a lit driving range that is available at all hours of the day, according to David Unsicker, SWGC business manager and Class A Professional Golfers' Association Professional. There is also the Silver Wings Clubhouse, which houses a golf shop and Divots Restaurant and Grill.

"The basis behind [the membership drive] is around this time, it's the start of the golf season," said Unsicker. "It's the start of spring and the golf course is usually turning around from being in the dormant winter condition into an active growing season when it's in its best shape. It's a good time for us to show off what we have to offer here at the golf course."

The golf club will host a golf tournament March 31 to April 1 for members and there will be a drawing for people that join or renew their membership during the month of March, according to the course manager. At the end of the month, there will be a drawing where a prize for each day of the month will be given away to those that have signed up throughout the month.

Some of the prizes that are to be given away are a free one-year membership to the golf course, an iPad 2, a video recorder, golf equipment, merchandise and clothing just to name a few, according to Unsicker.

"Our members keep us going through the winter and the bad weather seasons," he said. "We like to pay the members back for their loyalty with whatever we can do for them."

The advantages of becoming a member of the Silver Wings Golf Course are vast, said Unsicker, but the monetary benefit is the main reason people who frequent the golf course should join.

"It's just more economical for [people] to join and play as a member as opposed to just walking in and paying the green fees," he said. "As a member, there are no green fees associated with your rounds as long as you pay your dues."

Getting the full benefit of what the golf course has to offer, as a member, is dependent on the amount that a person plays golf, said the golf professional, adding that for people that play a couple times a week or more, it's more beneficial to join the club rather than paying on a per-play basis.

Along with the money saved on green fees, becoming a member of the golf course has other added benefits such as: discounts for merchandise and equipment in the golf shop; member-only golf tournaments throughout the year as well as reduced entry fees in other tournaments; and discounts for members that wish to use the clubhouse facility for functions like wedding receptions or parties, according to Unsicker. And golf provides health benefits from the extra exercise.

"Golfing is a physical activity, so it's especially good if you're walking [the courses]," said the course manager. "A lot of people walk to help stay in shape. Also, [golfing] is quiet and it can be peaceful if you let it. If you don't get too into the competitive part of [golfing], it can be a good stress relief. It's good to get away from phones and computers -- it's good leisure time.

"I enjoy [golfing] because I'm competitive and I always want to improve," said Unsicker. "I'm not going to play well every time, but I'm going to hit at least one good shot at some point and it's an enjoyable feeling to do that."

The Silver Wings Golf Course is open to the public despite being on a military base, he said. People don't have to have an affiliation with the Army to play or become a member.

"We also don't charge an initiation fee to join like some other [golf clubs]," said Unsicker. "We only charge the dues [of the membership], which people can pay monthly or in full."

If the one-year membership dues are paid in full, a month of dues is taken off the cost of the year, so, people paying upfront pay for only 11 months instead of 12, according to the course manager. The cost of membership also depends on whether or not the person is civilian or military, active duty or retired, based upon their rank.

The monthly membership rates for the 2012-2013 season are: $40 for ranks E1-E6 and Juniors aged 12-17; $65 for E7 and up and Department of Defense civilians; and $83 for the general public.

"We are here to be a service for active duty military," he said, but anyone can come enjoy the facilities. "Our goal is to get more members. The more members we have, the more revenue we can turn around and invest back into the golf course.

"The ultimate goal is to keep improving our facility," said Unsicker. "We want to have an active group [of members] that supports each other and gets along with everyone."

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