Army Leaders, Soldiers, master drivers and safety professionals must continue to preserve and protect drivers by enforcing driver's training program and composite risk management methodology across the Army. The USACR/Safety Center's Driver's Training Toolbox is an enabler to drivers and equipment operators as it hosts many tools that assist in the identification of hazards, reduction of risk and prevention of accidental and tactical losses.
Currently, the Driver's Training Toolbox offers a myriad of tools and resources that reinforce the sound principles of driving. Whether deployed or in garrison, personnel can easily access sample standard operating procedures, presentations, lesson plans, graphic training aids, handbooks, videos and more. Use of these resources will assist Soldiers in the successful and safe completion of their missions and off-duty activities while mitigating the harmful effects of operating Army Motor Vehicles or Army Combat Vehicles.
Safe driving means knowing how to properly operate equipment, obeying the speed limit and traffic laws, not driving too closely to the vehicle directly in front, driving slower during inclement weather, and avoiding alcoholic beverages and certain medications before hitting the road. Unit morale improves greatly when drivers know what is expected of them and when they are given the training and skills needed to do their job. Through training, drivers develop habits and enhance their skills resulting in safer driving practices. There's no question that driver training requires resources and the benefits of the USACR/Safety Center Driver's Training Toolbox are priceless.
Navigating the toolbox is easy; careful consideration of what you, our Soldiers need was the driving force behind its design. The menu and Web page layout are streamlined for efficiency. As an all-encompassing access point for regulations, training circulars, training support packages, training courses, a sample-training program of instruction for master drivers, and vehicle-specific training resources, this website features separate menu listings for information by vehicle type, including equipment training guides, regulations, training circulars and training support packages, sample programs and SOPs, and graphics and videos.

Equipment support materials fall into several categories:
• Wheeled vehicles
• Tracked vehicles
• Fires Equipment
• Engineer equipment
• Power generation equipment
• Material handling equipment
• Emergency vehicles
• Miscellaneous
Some other specialized course offerings in the toolbox include:
• Rough terrain driver training
• Common battle drills for rollovers
• Optimized combat vehicle operator's training (Afghanistan)

Another component of the toolbox is the MRAP Safety Awareness Site that contains hazard and risk mitigation information and tools to supplement operator and crew training programs. Users have access to an MRAP safety awareness video, a training support package with a slide presentation and additional safety information. Equipment operator training guides are the newest additions to the toolbox.

Through routine revisions, the Driver's Training Toolbox reflects current updates and changes to equipment, procedures, regulations and training materials. Users will also find links to the following applications:
• TACOM--Unique Logistics Support Applications
• Library of TACOM Training Information Site
• Accident Avoidance Course
Whether you're a master driver who wants to sharpen your unit's program or an equipment operator looking to enhance driving skills, or a Leader who needs materials to develop SOPs or drivers' training materials, the Driver's Training Toolbox can help. Taking care of our Soldiers behind the wheel both on and off duty keeps our Army Safe and Army Strong!

Did you know that through proper training, the Army will achieve the standard of accident reductions in our formations? With the voluminous amount of information and resources accessible in the driver's training toolbox, every Soldier in the Army has the tools readily available to complete the mission safely.

Visit the Driver's Training Toolbox at (AKO log in required) and get started today!