SAN ANTONIO -- On Feb. 20, our command will observe Presidents' Day. We honor our former Commanders-in-Chief and with special pride and celebrate the rich legacies of Presidents Washington and Lincoln. These men were crucial in forming our national heritage and instrumental in making our great nation what it is today.

Before we set forth on this long weekend, I want to thank all of you for your tremendous efforts in your service to our Nation. I am extremely proud of your commitment and dedication to our warfighters. Keep up the great work. A few tips that help all of us: Watch your buddy -- together you are twice as strong. The weekend provides a great chance to rest and grab great P.T., maybe even twice a day!

This holiday weekend, I ask you simply to be safe and to apply composite risk management (CRM) as a life skill. Make sure you manage risks 24/7 with good and informed decisions. Motor vehicle accidents remain the number one killer of our Soldiers, Civilians, and Family members. Use the Travel Risk Planning System (TRiPs) at, a proven tool to help identify and mitigate the risks of traveling.

Have a safe and enjoyable Presidents' Day celebration.

Army Strong!

LTG Mike Ferriter