HEIDELBERG, Germany - Fifty families, a total of 150 people, crowded Patrick Henry Elementary School in Heidelberg Feb.12 to listen to Europe Regional Medical Commander Brig. Gen. Nadja West read the book "More Than Anything Else."

The book by Marie Bradley tells the story of notable African-American educator, author, orator and political leader Booker T. Washington and his childhood quest to learn to read.

The book was chosen in honor of African-American History Month and the event was presented in coordination with the Equal Opportunity Office.

Tell Me A Story, an initiative of the Child Education Coalition, is geared toward children ages 4-12.

After West read the story, children broke into groups to discuss what they'd heard and drew letters in sand (actually sugar) just like Washington did at the end of his story.

They received copies of the book and had the opportunity to have West sign them with a personal message.