FORT SILL, Okla.-- 1st Battalion, 19th Field Artillery stepped onto the court Feb. 8 against Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 4th Battalion, 3rd Air Defense Artillery already at a disadvantage. Their bench was empty because the team consisted of only five players.

"People are in the field and a couple have duty driver responsibilities so that's how it is sometimes. We know all we got is us, so we're just going to play hard for each other," said 1-19th FA's No. 10, James Dix.

Dix found his rhythm early as he made a three-pointer that was so far away it should have been guided in to make it 9-6.

4-3rd ADA or the 'Goon Squad,' as their jerseys depicted, broke their deficit after number 10, Quinton Hicks, answered back with a three-pointer and then continued converting on their following shots to go into half time 28-17.

1-19th FA came out scoring first, but with each made shot the Goon Squad had an answer. Down by 11 points, 1-19th FA made its move. They came within four points of 4-3rd ADA after Fernando Taylor made two free-throw shots and a three pointer back-to-back to put them at 49-45 with 27 seconds left.

"We just knew we didn't have that much time so we went as hard as we can. We couldn't (do) that earlier in the game because we would've gotten tired so we kind of waited until the second half and then we tried to press as hard as we could," said Dix.

After a timeout the two teams came back as aggressive as ever and 1-19th FA put a plan into action to make the most out of the dwindling clock.

"They were trying to stop the clock foul as soon as possible. They were hoping that the red guys couldn't shoot free throws. So if they missed they got a chance to go down and hit a three and possibly get back in the game," said referee Howard Moore.

The plan didn't work as 4-3rd ADA managed one more point out of the fouls and ended the game 50-45.

"We came together, and we played together as a team. Everybody hit big shots down the stretch and we played great defense. We made a couple of bad turnovers and we didn't handle the ball very well, but overall we played good," said Hicks.

Both teams enter the sixth week of intramurals with a 2-4 record.

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