FORT RUCKER, Ala. (Feb. 16, 2012) -- The Fort Rucker Physical Fitness Facility offers more than just a place where people can go to work out and get fit, but also a place where people can escape, relax and unwind.

Body Mechanics Day Spa, located in the fitness facility, offers members of the Fort Rucker community access to a variety of body treatments that include therapeutic massages, facials, body polish, mud wraps and a "retreat for the feet," which includes exfoliation with a mud wrap followed by a massage and reflexology, according to Laura Mahaffey, licensed massage therapist at the spa.

People should experience the full range of what the day spa has to offer, which is more than just massages, said Mahaffey.

"The mud wrap applies Dead Sea mud over the body followed by a wrap to hold in the heat while the mud penetrates pores, removes impurities and moisturizes the skin," she said. "We also do a body polish in which we use citrus scrub to exfoliate the skin, then follow up with a moisturizer and massage."

Although the spa offers more than just massages, the massages aren't to be overlooked, according to Lori Ciranni, Fort Rucker Physical Fitness Facility manager of sports, fitness and aquatics.

The massages that are offered at the day spa are: Swedish, neuromuscular therapy, pregnancy, hot stone and deep tissue massages, according to Mahaffey.

Each session is adjusted to fit the individual's personal comfort level and tailored to their specific needs with even the temperature adjusted to their personal comfort. The result is that "no two customers get the same massage" or experience, she said.

"[The massages] are absolutely an amazing stress relief," said Ciranni. "I get a lot of stress in my shoulders and neck, and the massage therapist gives me the deep tissue massage and it's just amazing. I was nervous the first time I had a massage, but after they started, my nerves were gone. If you are nervous about it, they let you undress to your comfort level -- it's whatever is the most comfortable for you."

"A lot of people can be apprehensive the first time [they get a massage,]" said Mahaffey. "The important thing to remember is that your modesty is always preserved. In a massage, you are appropriately draped throughout, so you don't have to worry."

Massages have other benefits aside from just relieving stress, according to Mahaffey. There are also health benefits that can be gained from getting massages such as relieving symptoms from Fibromyalgia and headaches.

"It's great for injury prevention and rehabilitation," said Ciranni.

"What we do is very beneficial," said Mahaffey. "It removes stress, improves stimulation, increases lymphatic flow and circulation, and helps rid the body of waste and cellular debris."

The massages are offered in sessions of 30, 60 and 90 minutes costing $25, $45 and $70 respectively, according to Ciranni. The day spa also offers 10-minute increment chair massages for $1 per minute.

"The pricing is just wonderful for the community," she said. "It's just a better price than is offered elsewhere for these types of services."

The spa at the fitness facility is available to Soldiers, active duty and retired, their Family members, Department of the Army civilians and contract employees.

"It's a great service for stress relief and it's local," said Ciranni. "Appointments are readily available and it's great when people can come to the gym to get this kind of treatment because it's just right here.

"It's just such a relaxing atmosphere and I recommend it to anyone that wants to just relax," she said. "I don't think you can find better massage therapists anywhere around here, and believe me, I've tried."

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 255-2296 or 806-1961.