YONGSAN GARRISON, Republic of Korea -- Responding to Community demand, the Yongsan Child Development Center launched a Pilot Part Day Toddler Program Feb. 1.

The program was designed to give parents an option for their children under three years old, offering them a chance to play with children their age. It also gives the parents more time for themselves, so they can take care of business.

Claudette Mohn, the Child Youth and School Services coordinator for Yongsan Garrison, said that this program offers more stability than their current hourly program, giving the children a chance to have more interaction with the same group.

"This program is a bit more structured than what hourly care can offer," Mohn said. "The teacher is able to develop a curriculum and implement it with the children, as compared with hourly where the children are in and out."

The program will help the Community by helping develop young children and prepare them for preschool in social and cognitive aspects, according to Mohn. She also said that the program helps CYSS outreach to the Community, allowing them to speak with parents and children in the Yongsan family.

The program is set to run for four months, which is then followed by an assessment of how well the program works. If it's acceptable, CYSS will continue to offer the service to the Community. Spaces are still available. For more information, call Parent Outreach Services at 738-5036 or 738-3001.