Fort Sill no longer requires Department of Defense decals on privately-owned vehicles to enter the installation. Soldiers, family members, DA civilians and contractors entering the post will only need to show their military identification or common access cards.

The change is a result of a Department of the Army policy which in September, recommended that the use of the decal system be eliminated or be optional for installations.

Fort Sill's regulation became effective Jan. 27, when the Fires Center of Excellence and Fort Sill commanding general signed it, said Bob Pirtle, Directorate of Emergency Services director.

Visitors who do not have military ID or common access cards will need to show a picture ID to enter Fort Sill, Pirtle said. Everyone riding in a vehicle above the age of 16 will be required to show a state-issued driver's license or identification card. Fort Sill's 24/7 access control points are Key Gate West and Sheridan Road gate (Bentley Gate), but visitors can enter at any gate.

"The 'stickers' were a way for honest people to be honest, but never were a way to indicate the good guy from the bad guy," Pirtle said. "People would trade vehicles and not remove decals. It just didn't pass the common sense test."

Maj. Gen. David Quantock, Army provost marshal general and Criminal Investigation Command commander, said the move to eliminate the archaic registration and decal system came about because it only offered a false sense of security. The Air Force and Navy have already adopted similar policies to eliminate the decals, known as DD Form 2220.

Quantock said that if every post and garrison did away with the decal requirement, the cost savings would be about $256,000 per year, or $1.2 million over five years.

The provost marshal general granted commanders the authority to keep the post registration and decal systems in place if they believe it is in the best interest of their installations.

Installations that continue the decal registration will do so through garrison funding, Pirtle said. "My understanding is that the majority of installations are adhering to the recommendation, and no longer issuing decals."

Pirtle said existing DoD decals on vehicles do not need to be removed; some posts may still require them. Fort Sill gate guards will ignore them, but will scan the driver's and occupants' IDs with hand-held card readers.

"We scan through most national law enforcement databases" Pirtle said. "If you're barred at another installation, we'll know it. If there is a warrant for you in another county, we'll know it."

With the end of decal issuing, police staff at the Welcome Center also no longer register vehicles.

"If a vehicle is registered through a state ... it is good (to enter)," Pirtle said. He reminded residents and sportsmen, who hunt on post, that firearms registration is still an installation requirement.

For more information about vehicle entrance requirements, visit police administration, Building 4700, Mow-Way Road, second floor, or call 442-0130.