Lt. Gen. David Huntoon, Jr. was surrounded by friends and family and the Army War College community today as his wife, Margaret, and son, David, pinned on his third star.

Huntoon, the former USAWC Commandant, is now Director of the Army Staff at the Pentagon. He said during the ceremony that people at the War College helped prepare him for his future.

"Enriched by the memory of this camaraderie, this mutual trust and this strength of character, we are ready for our future," said Huntoon. "We look forward to serving together with you whenever and wherever we hear the call to the colors."

Officiating was retired Lt. Gen. Robert Foley, who has known Huntoon since he was a plebe at the U.S. Military Academy and Foley was Huntoon's company tactical officer. Foley expressed confidence when speaking of Huntoon's new responsibilities.

"I can't think of a more important post in our Army today than the one you will assume," he said. "I cannot think of anyone more qualified to take this position."

Huntoon congratulated Maj. Gen. Robert Williams, the new USAWC Commandant.

"The Army could not have selected a finer leader to command this great place. All the best to you."

Huntoon was the longest serving commandant in the history of the War College, having served here for four and a half years.

"In this time of long conflict, the campaign must be waged from many outposts," said Huntoon. "This is a critical one. For here in the isolated splendor of Carlisle Barracks, far away from the day to day grind of current operations and the pain of conflict in that heart of darkness, we must also engage in the war of ideas. Here, we need to ensure that compelling logic, critical thinking and the virtues of competence, candor and compassion all collaborate in common cause .... In doing so we can open up the promise of a secure future for those who today know only despair and the absence of hope."

Also present at the ceremony was Huntoon's wife, Margaret, who received the Secretary of the Army Public Service Award, and their children David, Stewart and Alice. Another son, Ryan, a senior at the University of Washington ROTC program, was unable to attend due to an athletic commitment. Stewart is currently in his first year at West Point and David is a captain with the 4th Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Inf. Div., in Iraq.

"Two months ago in Iraq I had the privilege of promoting David to Captain and he has come home to return the favor," Huntoon said. "If you ask me why I serve, look to my sons and all who wear this uniform today."

Huntoon received the Distinguished Service Medal and the Pennsylvania Distinguished Service Medal.