ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL, Rock Island, Ill. -- OPSEC measures are implemented based on the commander's guidance, acceptable risk levels, and available resources. Our responsibility is to protect it.

Ensure all personnel know the organization's critical information and insure protective measures are in place.

Protective measures:

• Avoid repetitive or stereotyped tactics and procedures for executing operations or activities in terms of time, place, event sequencing, formations and C2 arrangements.
• Employ force dispositions and C2 arrangements that conceal the location, identity and command relationships of major units.
• Use darkness to mask deployments or force generation.
• Do not use same approach route (vehicle) into and out of the installation repetitively.
• Vary travel routes; do not set patterns.
• Avoid bulletin board plan of the day or planning schedule notices that reveal when events will occur. Do not post sensitive or personal information on shared web sites.
• Conceal budgetary transactions, supply requests and actions and arrangements for services that reveal preparations for activity.
• Destroy (burn, shred, and so forth) paper to include unclassified information to prevent the inadvertent disposal of classified and sensitive information.
• Ensure that personnel discreetly prepare for their family's welfare in their absence and that their families are sensitized to their potential abrupt departure.
• Randomize security in and around installation / building to prevent setting pattern or observable routine.
• Conduct random internal unannounced identity and security inspections.

Comply with established OPSEC and Security practices for the protection and control of critical information.