FORT EUSTIS, Va. -- Army Chief of Staff Gen. Raymond T. Odierno made his first trip to the new U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command headquarters at Fort Eustis, Va., for updates on how TRADOC is shaping the Army's role in the Joint Force of 2020 Jan. 26.

Welcomed and joined by Gen. Robert W. Cone, commanding general of TRADOC, Odierno received updates and discussed a number of topics critical in shaping the Army of 2020, including leader development, the Army Learning Model and Doctrine 2015.

The day before Odierno's visit to TRADOC, he attended the Association of the U.S. Army Institute of Land Warfare breakfast, where he not only talked about where the Army is headed, but also reflected on where the Army has been.

"As you all know, we have been an Army at war for the past decade," Odierno said. "Our Army has proven itself in what I consider to be the most difficult conditions this nation has ever faced. I can proudly boast that this incredible Army is truly one Army."

Going forward, Odierno explained that the Army will be in a period of transition for the next five years -- or possibly more; however, there are fundamental characteristics that will sustain the force throughout the transition.

Similarly, Cone recently spoke to members of the Army Science Board about the Army transition --from TRADOC's perspective --what the Army must do and how the Army must do it.

"I think we're going through two fundamental transitions here at TRADOC, and TRADOC has been in overdrive working in these two major areas," Cone said.

The first challenge is the structural transition, which includes strategies, capabilities, structure, organization and modernization. The second transition, which Cone said he feels is the most important, is the human transition, and includes the Army Profession, leader development, Doctrine 2015, the Army Learning Model and the Squad.

"We have what I consider to be the greatest young generation in terms of innovation, creativity, and in terms of service and commitment," Cone said, "and we have to have programs in place to stimulate and excite them."

As TRADOC continues to revolutionize training and develop future leaders, it will continue to shape the Army of 2020, which will, in turn, be critical part developing the joint force of 2020.

"The Army has and will remain a vital component of the Joint Force," Odierno said. "As we develop this future force, we will ensure it is responsive to combatant commanders, providing depth and versatility to our national security decision makers. We must ensure that our Army, as part of the Joint Force 2020 is: adaptive and innovative, flexible and agile, integrated and synchronized, lethal, but discriminate."