FORT STEWART, Ga. - Ten Fort Stewart Civilians received formal recognition for exhibiting superior customer service Jan. 24 during the community leader's information forum. Colonel Christopher Hughes, deputy commanding general-support Third Infantry Division, congratulated the awardees just moments before the start of the program at Club Stewart.

Willie Inman, of the Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation, said, "It's a great honor to be recognized for our accomplishments and taking care of Soldiers and Family Members. Making sure that your customer feels at home keeps them coming back again and again."

Each Directorate helped to identify Civilians through the positive interactive customer evaluation comments according to Director of Plans Analysis and Integration Office, Janet Blanks. "Senior Leadership receives a monthly Voice of the Customer report that actually provides the customers descriptions of the service that was provided and the name of the Army Civilian that provided excellent service."

"I received notification last week and was honored to hear that I had been selected as an ICE Hero and thankful for the opportunity," said Dr. Olivia Penrod with the Directorate of Human Resources. "Hopefully the award will encourage others to work just as hard for the Fort Stewart community."

Janeen Rosenburg of Army Community Service added, "I think its [recognition] is wonderful… I never even knew what happens to all of the positive comment cards. The award is awesome and was a surprise to me."

"It's important to know that Soldiers do put in positive comments when they receive good service," shared Ramona Welch of the Directorate of Public Works housing office. "They acknowledge good service and it makes us feel good to receive that pat on the back. All of my co-workers go above and beyond for the benefit of Soldiers and Family Members so it's easy to give good customer service."

Providing superior customer to those who currently wear the uniform is second nature to many ICE Heroes who are retired Soldiers themselves.

"I was once a Soldier myself, so when I look at the Soldiers of the future it reminds me of myself, explained Ruthie Little with the Directorate of Emergency Services vehicle registration office. "There were Civilians who looked out for me when I was a Soldier and I'm going to be there for the Soldiers because I know they need our help."

Retired Soldier, Bruce Anglin with the Office of Staff Judge Advocate, shared "I'm humbled to receive the recognition, however, it's not about me but it's about the Soldiers and Family Members. I know how important benefits like the tax center and legal assistance are to our Soldiers and Family Members and that is why I'm here."

"Soldiers are the number one priority," Ray Hamilton of the Directorate of Logistics stated. "If it were not for the Soldier, we would not be here."

Cecil Greenwell of DPW echoed the same sentiment. "The Soldiers are very important because they put a lot on the line and they deserve the very best service."

"The Senior Commander recognizes the importance of taking care of customers and the impact excellent service makes on providing the best quality of life possible," Blanks explained. "The ICE Hero program is his way of letting Army Civilians know how important they are and to thank them for all they do."

The ICE system provides feedback on services and individuals and is accessible online and many kiosks located throughout Stewart-Hunter. The user friendly system helps leadership identify areas for improvement and recognize their total workforce for providing quality service.

Fort Stewart ICE Heroes are as follows:
Ms. Maritza Madera, DFMWR, CYSS
Mr. Willie Inman, DFMWR, Pass and Permit
Ms. Janeen Rosenburg, ACS, SFAC
Dr. Olivia Penrod, DHR Education Services
Mr. Ray Hamilton, DOL
Ms. Christine Ruiz, DOL
Ms. Ramona Welch, DPW Housing Services Office
Mr. Cecil Greenwell, DPW Single Soldier Housing
Ms. Ruthie Little, DES Vehicle Registration
Mr. Bruce Anglin, OSJA