Leaders from 210th Brigade Support Battalion, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, conducted a Tactical Exercise Without Troops, Jan. 10 -11, on Fort Drum.

The two-day TEWT kicked off at Nash Gym with leaders receiving an overview of the facility and training opportunities within it. The goal was to familiarize them with available resources on Fort Drum.

"Fort Drum has so much to offer when it comes to training," said 1st Lt. Peter Holmes, lead planner of the TEWT, assigned to Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 210th BSB. "The first portion of the TEWT was designed to get leaders out to training sites and see what's available here on post."

The battalion leaders participated in hands-on training at two facilities.

"We started with the Nash Gym facility, which has improvised explosive device lanes, and moved to the Medical Simulation Training Center Obstacle Course,'' Holmes said.

Soldiers went through the MSTC Obstacle Course in teams, which placed them in real-life scenarios for mass-casualty situations, care under fire and patient evacuations.

"The course is intended to test participants' verbalization and coordination skills, not to mention teamwork, physical ability and the timeliness of patient evacuations," said Capt. Andrew McPhie, commander of C Company, 210th BSB. "Charlie Company uses the MSTC at a minimum once a month, the focus being on the medics."

"The care under fire exercise consisted of a half-mile-long obstacle course with a wall that required participants to lift a stretcher above their heads and a sand pit that helped them practice low crawling," McPhie added.

The battalion's leadership received more than hands-on training; they gained camaraderie.

"The TEWTs are designed to not only test the fortitude of the Soldiers in high-stress situations and have an educational dimension," said Maj. Paul Madden, executive officer for 210th BSB, "but also to build esprit de corps within the battalion and among the leadership."

The TEWT commenced with a preview of the upcoming Snow Provider Challenge, which would require all Soldiers in the rank of sergeant and below assigned to the battalion to participate in Jan. 18-20.

Rowland is assigned to 2nd Brigade Combat Team.