KANDAHAR AIRFIELD, Afghanistan (Jan. 25, 2012)--The Logistical Task Force and Logistical Support Element co-located on the Army Material Command compound at Shindand Airbase is increasing its capability in preparation for the upcoming retrograde of U.S. and coalition forces out of Afghanistan.

"We have more than doubled the number of people here," said Robert Coffey, LSE Chief.

The LTF and LSE, also known as Team Shindand, will be taking on several new missions as Soldiers begin leaving Afghanistan as part of President Obama's drawdown of surge forces. These missions include maintenance operations for the forces remaining in country and facilitating the removal of excess equipment from theater back to the U.S. These will be in addition to the maintenance and sustainment services already provided to local units by AMC personnel.

"After 10 years of sustaining and equipping our Warfighters we are faced with the challenging mission of removing non-essential equipment off the battle field," said Lt. Col. Paul Martinez, LTF officer in charge. "Our redistribution property assistance team personnel bring a wealth of logistical expertise and knowledge to assist units so [they] have a successful equipment turn-in."

Team Shindand will also sustain a field support maintenance team to replace the outgoing maintenance company.

"The FSM provides maintenance capabilities to service and repair tactical vehicles for US Forces and Coalition Forces in our region," said Martinez. "[The] FSM also provides H-VAC mechanics, communications-electronic repairs and an outstanding Allied Trade Shop with skilled welders and machinists."

Not only have they brought in additional people to execute the mission, they have built up their infrastructure to accommodate them. The compound also has a new gym facility for use by the Soldiers and Civilians living on the compound.

"It is going to make a difference in morale, our health and a way to release the stress," said Coffey.

Despite being at a remote location in Afghanistan and the relatively small the number of Soldiers and Civilians on Team Shindand, they are ready to continue their support to ongoing missions and the upcoming retrograde.