Guaynabo, PR- The distance between Afghanistan and Puerto Rico was dissolved thanks to the technology, when Staff Sgt. Marilyn Bernier, 475th Engineer Company, was interviewed live, via satellite, at WAPA-TV's "Entre Nosotras" show, a local Puerto Rico TV show, 7 Nov.

"The Puerto Rican soldiers who are here are all working hard and we are doing well," said Bernier to Alba Nydia Diaz, host of the TV show.
Bernier's family was also present at the TV studio during the live interview.
Her spouse Wilfredo Molina, their daughter Keliann Maree Molina, 9, and their son Kenneth O. Molina, 7, were all very happy and excited to see their mom on the TV monitor.
"We all are very proud of you," said Molina to his wife.
"I love you and miss you very much. I cannot wait until you come home," said Keliann to her mom, while containing her tears.
Talking directly to her family, Bernier highlighted the support received. "You know you have been my strength throughout this process. You keep me strong and stable. All of this is for you. I want you to know that mom is always thinking of you," said an emotional Bernier.
"One of the most difficult things is to be away from your family. Other than that, I am doing the job I chose. Considering all the circumstances, we are doing very well", added Bernier, while answering Diaz' questions.
Bernier, a Guayama, Puerto Rico native, is a member of the Army Reserve since 1998 and performs duty as Horizontal Construction Supervisor at the 475th Engineer Company, US Army Reserve-Puerto Rico, currently deployed in Afghanistan.
Molina, who works as supervisor at a local Toyota Dealer in San Juan, has been taking care of the couples' two kids for 10 months.
"My boss has helped and supported me a lot during this time. I really have to thank him publicly," said Molina.
The TV show host also got emotional and sent a message directly to Bernier and all the soldiers currently serving in Afghanistan.
"Many blessings to you and to all your peers, especially to all the Puerto Rican soldiers. You are risking you lives, but you are making us all very proud. Many blessings to all," said Diaz.
The interview took place during the veteran's day week, in order to highlight the new generation of US Army Reserve veterans and their families.
"Of course I am excited about coming home. I want to be with my family, kiss them and hug them. We all will be home very soon, after completing this tour," said a proud Bernier.