FORT STEWART, Ga. - It seems that 2012 will offer little respite from identity theft. It is already being reported that over 300,000 individuals have fallen victim to this crime. The risk of printed Personally Identifiable Information being compromised is a constant threat. Identity Theft in many cases is a low tech crime accomplished through dumpster diving for your information.

What we may consider trash can equate to cash for some unscrupulous individuals. Our nation's insensitivity to the protection of PII remains a significant contributor to successful identity fraud.

Prevention is the key to mitigating the simplest form of Identity Theft.

A guaranteed prevention method is to shred documents that contain personal information. This includes seemingly harmless items such as unwanted junk mail, prescription information that contains your name, your doctor's name, insurance information, and banking, mortgage or investment location.

Take advantage of Shred It-Don't Share It Days.

Use this opportunity to destroy all unnecessary FOUO and Unclassified sensitive documents not required for operational purposes. No appointment necessary, take advantage of the drive-thru service where attendees don't even have to get out of their vehicle. To expedite the process please remove all metal objects from the documents.

The Shred It program has achieved positive results in terms of Soldier, Civilian and Family information security awareness as well as document compromise mitigation. Since the program inception, 34 tons of Controlled Unclassified Information and PII have been destroyed beyond reconstruction.

Fort Stewart continues to expand the program by encouraging a partnership with the local community in the prevention of Identity Theft. To support this collaborative effort the quarterly Shred It event is now open to local business organizations and schools to assist in the secure disposal of unwanted documents.