Eighteen educators from six schools toured McAlester Army Ammunition Plant's (MCAAP) bomb production and missile maintenance facility lines on Jan. 10. The tour is part of MCAAP's community outreach program to local and area leaders. The educators saw 1,000 pound bombs being produced and the Maverick, Chaparral and Stinger missiles along with receiving a briefing from Colonel Timothy D. Beckner, Commander, regarding the plant's local contributions and its strategic importance to our national defense.

Schools represented during the tour were McAlester, Hartshorne, Stuart, Kiowa, Savanna and Eastern Oklahoma State College.

Attending the tour from McAlester were Dr. Tom Condict, Dr. Marsha Gore, Ms. Stephanie Holt, Mr. Marcus Crittenden, Ms. Vanessa Cummings, Ms. Deborah Forest, Ms. Stephanie Holt, Ms. Paula Meadows and Ms. Debbie Watkins. Others attending were Mr. John Bernardi and Mr. Mark Ichord, Hartshone; Mr. Tracy Blasengame and Mr. Bill SanMillan, Stuart; Mr. Chad Graham and Mr. Gary Reeder, Savanna; Mr. Michael Kellogg and Mr. Gary Rind, Kiowa and Dr. Janet Wansick, Eastern Oklahoma State College.