A new safety focused computer program that streamlines communication has been integrated by the Army.

The system is called ReportIt and the software will allow the Army to foster better long-term safety conditions within offices, barracks and dinning facilities throughout the Army's 184 installations.

ReportIt is the single Army accident reporting and risk management system for collecting injury, illness, and loss data, as well as managing its safety and occupational health program efficiently.  

Released in October 2011, the program gives Soldiers and civilians the power to document any incident that occurs in their presence.  

A fresh pothole on a road, a constantly slippery floor in the break room or even a dangling light fixture in the hallway can all be documented using the program, which in turn allows safety office personnel to address hazards faster and more effectively.

According to the Army's ReportIt website, this program is expected to help promote a stronger culture of documenting incidents by making the reporting process easier.

Unlike in previous formats, ReportIt allows command teams the convenience of documenting all incidents in one program.

"It's more efficient, more effective and streamlined," said Susan Roeder, Safety Office director.

The system allows safety officers the ability to track accidents across their installation and, as time passes, the officers will be able to spot trends to try to keep accidents from occurring.

"It's just to prevent something serious from happening if we have clues that people are getting hurt," Roeder said.

The system pairs well with other Belvoir safety office initiatives such as the collateral duty safety representative, a position designed for two personnel in each tenant organization who will manage the safety conditions within their offices starting in February.

Roeder said these new programs will increase her office's effectiveness in preventing accidents.

Anyone with a CAC can use ReportIt. Once logged in, personnel are asked several simple questions about their particular safety problem with questions concerning various topics from property damage to cost of repairs.

Accidents can range from major to minor so the safety office suggests that people report a problem when in doubt.

Belvoir's Safety Office urges personnel from each tenant organization to register their unit identification code under their parent organization so that the office can start tracking accidents immediately.  

The office also encourages people to sign-up to become collateral duty safety representatives.

Training and live versions of this program are available by clicking on ReportIt at https://safety.army.mil/.

For more information, call (703) 704-0649.