HEIDELBERG, Germany -- Seasons come and seasons go, and every year things change. Today becomes a history lesson and tomorrow becomes today. In the military world those changes often happen more and more quickly than in many walks of life, but even by that standard 2011 was a year of fast-moving changes for the U.S. Army in Europe.

The command heightened its focus on building the capabilities of its time-tested and newer European allies and partners with 21st-century full-spectrum training and leader development at the Joint Multinational Training Command and major joint and combined exercises across Europe. At the same time it moved more swiftly toward transformation, with eyes on the prizes of moving the headquarters from Heidelberg to Wiesbaden and making the command leaner but still able, to use a popular 2011 catchphrase, "to fight above its weight class."

USAREUR's people proved their devotion to Army values by standing out courageously on combat deployments and compassionately and selflessly in their home communities. Dozens of USAREUR Soldiers earned medals and accolades for their valor in the Afghan hills and elsewhere, and many more members of the USAREUR team -- Soldier, civilian employee and family member alike -- were recognized by America and its partners, in Europe and the U.S., for sharing their leadership, skills and commitment.

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