San Juan, Puerto Rico -- Beyond toys and gifts, children from "La Casa Cuna de San Juan", a foster home for abused, neglected and abandoned kids in Puerto Rico, received joy and happiness when US Army Reserve Puerto Rican soldiers brought them toys and other articles, 16 Dec.Sandra Rivero Ortiz, Special Assistant to the Director of La Casa Cuna de San Juan, expressed her joy while observing the reservists taking out the presents."Definitely, my huge gratitude goes to you guys from the Army because these kids are the biggest treasure that we have, they have come here in a very sad circumstances but, thanks to this program, their quality of life will improve 100%", said Rivero.Located in a former naval base in Old San Juan, "Casa Cuna" houses over 47 children, from 0-3 years of age. The children live temporarily in the former residences of the Navy officials while wait to be relocated to a permanent home.The center opened in 2008 and it provides various services such as psychosocial, nutritional, health, and therapies (physical and speech), among others.Rivero was very pleased with the event."Visits like this show solidarity with our commitment to the protection and welfare of children," said Rivero.In the mean time, Lt. Col. José Plaza, military officer in charge of coordinating the event, expressed the commitment of the Army Reserve in Puerto Rico to the children."If we can contribute at least for a second to improve the quality of life to these children, that is our great pleasure," said Plaza.