FORT SAM HOUSTON, Texas -- The director of the Mission Contracting Office-Fort Knox, Ky., retires today after almost 38 years of service to the government.After spending two years on active duty, Richard Goodin accepted a position as a Department of the Army intern, which led to a job with the Directorate of Logistics Contracting Office at Fort Knox. He concludes his career with the Mission and Installation Contracting Command, headquartered here.Throughout his more than 35 years of contracting service, he is quick to point out that acquisitions presents an ideal opportunity to continue to provide a direct and indirect impact on the support of his fellow Soldiers."Working as a contracting officer allowed me … the opportunity to serve our customers and ultimately the Soldier as efficiently and effectively as possible," Goodin said.Recognized on numerous occasions while serving as a director of contracting the past 14 years, he has been critical in the transformation of acquisitions, providing professional leadership while developing an organization made up of about 100 individuals plus two contingency contracting teams. This includes efforts under way to transform the MICC, which he believes are heading in the right direction.As the MCO-Fort Knox director, he guided his office in awarding almost 4,200 contracting actions totaling more than $634.8 million in fiscal 2011. Among those is the critical support of the U.S. Army Recruiting Command, which includes five brigades, 41 battalions, 200 recruiting companies and 1,700 recruiting stations. He also led contracting support for the U.S. Army Cadet Command responsible for 274 colleges and 530 partnership schools as well as the Military Entrance Processing Command and its 63 locations.From lending professional guidance to interacting with mission partners, Goodin admited it is those connections that are most difficult to leave behind."What I'll miss most is the opportunity to interface and serve our customers and the Soldiers they support. Within the organization, I'll definitely miss all of the great folks that make this the best organization in the MICC," he said, adding he won't miss the short taskers.And after an exceptionally busy 2011, Goodin aims to slow things down considerably following retirement. His plans include relaxation along with enjoying the family and grandchildren. He also plans to explore his hobby a bit more."I'll definitely devote more time to fishing."