The Regional Contracting Center Leatherneck Mission Support Operations Division currently administers more than 60 construction contracts for the Combined Security Transition Command - Afghanistan.

These construction projects are building the infrastructure that will provide long-term support for the Afghan National Army and Afghan National Police. Recently, Maj. Bruce Skrabanek, mission support operations division chief at RCC Leatherneck, conducted a four-day site visit of six ANP sub-station construction sites in the Now Zad District of Helmand Province.

During the site visits, the contracting officer, contracting officer's representative, CSTC-A engineers, and the contractor put "boots on the ground" to determine exact project status and to better understand the significant challenges associated with completing construction projects in Southern Helmand Province.

In addition to meeting with the contractor, the team met with the district police chief to discuss worksite security and the ANP's role in assisting project completion.

By walking the ground with the COR and contractor, RCC Leatherneck has gained significant situaltional awareness on the customer's operational environment and is better able to support
their needs.